Jeeworld Kitchen Cabinets And Walls Colors

Colorful Modern Kitchen from Jeeworld
Colorful Modern Kitchen from Jeeworld
When designing any room in your home, look outside to nature for inspiration. Select dark green similar to lush foliage, heavenly blues similar to a cloudless sky or the strong red of the setting sun. These natural tones, also known as earth tones, could be utilized sparingly through the room as imaginative accents or as the motivation for the room colour scheme. Choose cabinets and counters whose colours and finishes complement one another. Cupboards made of or stained to look like strong cherry, dark mahogany or blonde pine symbolize the natural wood and could be paired with ceramic tiles Ceramic tint of sandy tan or clay red.

Glass tiles, available in both striking shades or in a mix of colours, are a very easy way to introduce earth tones. Singular tone glass tiles in either light green or skies blue adds lightness and could work with cream coloured cupboards. Choose glass tiles in a variety of dark browns, sage green and gold yellow for use with cabinets in deep shades like dark maple or red cherry. Stainless steel counters may reflect the light of the glass tiles, but could work against the heat that earth tones normally carry. Opt for natural countertops, like granite, slate or butcher block.

These natural components will work with the hot tones to soothe the coolness of your present black, white or stainless steel devices. Consider colours which will complement the cabinets and counters. Balance dark brown cupboards with walls in colors of light green or light brown. Consider other colours found in nature which aren’t necessarily popular choices. Deep grey, found on mushroom tops, adds richness to walls in a kitchen with cherry cupboards. Rich yellow, as an egg yolk, adds sun and cheer to an area with cream coloured cabinets. Should changing the appliances not be possible, use components to balance the devices.

Put natural, organic components to work to counter the inorganic, practical fundamentals like the fridge and stove. Use the nubby textures of bamboo to soften the hard edged devices. Dress the windows and add texture with bamboo shades, and protect false ceiling with bamboo place mats. Bring in more earth tones and organic components with a terracotta jug to hold serving spoons along with other utensils and pieces of slate tiles re-propagated as trivets. Literally bring in nature with little clay pots full of herbs like mint, lavender and parsley. Anchor and strengthen the earth tone kitchen with the appropriate floor. Choose a material that may withstand heavy foot traffic and, possibly, water damage.