Jeeworld White Exterior Light Fixtures

Frequently, home owners buy a brand new interior or exterior luminaire, then pay a handyperson or electrician to hook it up since the wires are very different colors. Most light fixtures have two electric cables with coloured insulation as well as a copper ground wire. An avid homeowner can save the price of a pro by understanding which wires connect to which. With this knowledge, you or a member of the family may do the wiring connections for over one lights. Turn off the electric breaker for the circuit to the present luminaire. In case the breakers aren’t labeled, ask a member of the family to turn on the light with the switch as you cycle throughout the breakers until it goes off.

Loosen as well as remove the screws from the cover for the light switch which operates the light, using a screwdriver. Take off the cover, and notice the colour of the cable insulating material for the cables that connect to every side of the switch. You’ll see white cables at one side of the switch as well as black cables attached in the other side. Among the white and black wires goes to the luminaire. Another white and black cables are the electric circuit for the switch. In case the light may be turned on or away from switches at every side of the room, you will see a blue cable which connects the electrical circuits for 3 way switches.

In several cases, it may run throughout the electric box where the present light is installed, but it is only a switch cable rather than a cable for the light. Look at the wires on the rear of the new luminaire, and note black insulating material on one as well as white on the other. These connect to the corresponding white and black electrical wires that pass from the switch to the electric box where the present fixture is installed. There’s a bare copper ground wire that links to a green grounding screw inside the electric box. Open the opening of wire nuts and mounting screws that came with the new luminaire. Whilst the light only has a white and black electric cable, some manufacturer’s include an addition cable nut because these are simple to misplace when installing a light. In many cases, the nuts are the same colour, like red, yellow or black. Again, this depends upon the manufacturer, and any colour wire nut may be utilized to connect a corresponding colour of electrical and luminaire wires.