Green Accents Living Room Ideas Jeeworld
Decorating with a rich tone of navy blue adds a comforting air of solidity to your home decor. The depth of colour in navy blue paint and anchored furniture a space, whether you put it to use on the wall or on the flooring. Navy blue calms an area with advanced sophistication, summer freshness or shabby chic style, dependant on the other colour varieties you make for the space. Navy blue walls provide a dramatic comparison to white furniture, making a nautical, shabby chic or conventional style room. A navy blue and white blue is suitable for a bath room, bedroom or living space.

In a bath room, emphasis navy blue walls with a white vanity, white shower curtain as well as white sea themed components to decorate in a maritime motif. For a shabby chic room, paint one accent wall or the whole room navy blue. Whitewashed bedroom accessories, reflected side tables and mismatched bloom materials contribute to the shabby chic decor. To decorate a traditional family area with navy blue walls, anchor the area with a white couch as well as some of white wing back chairs. Hardwood floorings with medium wood tones help to associate Light and dark aspects of the space.

Appoint an area with navy blue curtains or navy blue furniture to stolon light coloured bamboo flooring or pastel walls. Pale yellow walls are fine with navy blue furnishings, as do tones of orange. Yellow and orange are opposite blue on the colour wheel, and therefore shades of yellow or orange complement navy blue. Decorating with complementary colours is naturally nice as well as a common practice in interior design. A navy blue carpet will assist anchor the space, regardless of how small or large the carpet can be. Navy blue needn’t be a dominant colour in the room to make a statement. Navy blue accents fit well with a wide range of colour schemes. Shades which are hand and hand on the colour wheel, can be a pleasing way to decorate a room.