Jeeworld Wood Veneer Light Fixtures
Country Living Primitives is an official dealer of premier wood chandeliers and simple chandeliers by Irvin Tinware, Katie’s Lighthouse as well as Lt Moses Willard. Whose skilled craftsmen take pride in every eighteenth century primitive wood chandelier they make, striving for heirloom quality. Every fixture is carefully handmade and hand finished, then scrutinized before being sent to ensure it exceeds the highest standards. All wooden chandeliers come with no less than 18 of chain as well as a hanging hardware and canopy set.

When trying to find wood chandelier lighting there is an assortment of things to take into account, first of all is the chandelier that will be the primary light source in the room or may there be another light source? Then you have to discover how many watts or lumens you may need from the fixture. For help with this visit our Colonial Lighting Page. Once you’ve discovered the approximate quantity of watts needed you will get the number of watts every chandelier can be rated for in the item description.

Is the fixture designed for 25 watt, forty watt or 60 watt lightbulbs? Next multiply this wattage by the number of outlets on your chandelier, now you’ve the maximum wattage for the chandelier. Just because a wood chandelier satisfies the minimal wattage condition of your room doesn’t mean it’ll look right in your setting. Additionally you need to contemplate the size of the chandelier in contrast to the room size. Wooden chandeliers which are too large in proportion to the room may be frustrating, while to little will look lost or out of place.