Adjustable 10 inch Brushed Nickel Shower Head Jeeworld
The Oxygenics Elite Shower uses the maximum 2.5 gallons of water per minute permitted by law in the US. This means you won’t sacrifice the pressure of standard heads. You will save water while enjoying the refreshing high pressure shower you are used to. How? They use a revolutionary technology based on the Venturi Principle. What is the Venturi principle? The Venturi principle is a straightforward concept of fluid mechanics. To improve water pressure, the water is pushed through a throttle flap that increases the velocity of the water as it comes out from the head. To add to the pleasure of your experience, the device also injects oxygen in the water.

The addition of this important component to your water will rejuvenate your skin and leave you feel like a million bucks. Usually, the water we use to shower is poor in oxygen. With this unit you will get up to 10 times as much oxygen than with a standard shower head. Let your skin breathe the oxygen it craves. You will see and feel the difference the added oxygen makes. What is more, you won’t need to worry about minerals or hard water clogging up your filter. These heads use a single orifice and are made from non stick Delrin.

Which implies that your shower head is virtually maintenance free. You can choose from multiple finishes which will appeal to your sense of beauty and good taste. Each shower head has a distinctive design that’s built to last. Since you use less water, each hot, invigorating shower requires less energy to heat the water. You will really see the savings add up once you begin utilizing your new Brushed Nickel Shower head.