Victorian Lighting Fixtures jeeworld 23
Explore a gallery of antique lighting fixtures popular in the nineteenth century. Antique and Victorian style lamps can decorate your Victorian style living and dining rooms to create the atmosphere of another time. Several styles of Victorian lamps were utilized in the Victorian home. Throughout the late 1890 s, banquet lamps were very stylish for the dining table, As it not only gave a good light at dinner or supper, but were a rich and elegant ornament or centerpiece for the table throughout the day. Small table lamps with linen umbrella shades were recommended to university students, schoolrooms, professors, and all who occupied their sleeping apartments give or take before retiring.

This 1890 Victorian luminaire features a silk shade bordered with long fringe. It’d look best in a cozy lounge or drawing room, as richly as a pricey statuette or an expensive statue or bric-a brac. This Victorian luminaire features a linen umbrella shade. This is called a 4 inches shade, however, the shade is 9 inches through the fringe. The 1890 lamp is made of hard rolled shiny brass. The Rochester Victorian luminaire was made in brass or oxidized silver. The funds detained for a quart of oil, enough for two long evenings in an 1890 Victorian parlor. The lamp was 10 1\/2 inches high to the top of burner, and had solid metal handles.

This 1890 Victorian luminaire is a Rochester Piano Extension or floor stand lamp. Where there was a piano in a Victorian parlor, one of those handsome lamps was almost a necessity. This model is all polished brass with a source Which contained a full quart, enough to burn for two long evenings. The lamp had a large size umbrella fringe shade with a brass skeleton shade holder and two chimneys. The shade was available in red, orange, yellow, blue, or pink. This Victorian light fixture is a Rochester Banquet Lamp. These lamps are taller Of the table than a regular table lamp, and are dressed with an umbrella silk shade with fringe.