Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Just what exactly is rustic bedroom furniture? The word rustic conjures up pictures of country living, but dependant upon where you’re from you may still be thinking about completely different styles. An American citizen might associate the word with wood cabins along with lodges made from pines and cedar hidden on a mountain far from civilisation. A UK resident is more prone to associate the term with quaint country cottages, echoing a lifestyle which has moved on as the individuals have migrated to the towns. It’s perhaps due to this, that the term rustic conjures up emotions of warmth and home – it transports many of us back to an idyllic world where the odor of freshly baked bread fills the air along with the stress of contemporary life had a sideways step.

Regardless if you’re thinking of mountain lodges or small cottages with thatched roofs, rustic furniture is just usually typified by a natural wood. The bed room is just a room where we like to feel warm along with secure so it’s only natural that many consumers are seeking out items of rustic bed room accessories for their houses. How may you achieve a rustic look due to the bedroom? A starting point can be to start disturbing the wooden furniture which you already own. There are so many home design books to explain the techniques used. In case your furniture isn’t made of wood you then obviously have no choice, but to purchase some – a bed, a wardrobe along with a chest of drawers or dressing table will be a perfect starting place to get your rustic bedroom accessories together.

Oak and pine are excellent prospects for rustic furniture. Look for lightly stained or completely natural pieces – these may benefit greatly from looking or oiling several times a year. The disparity is that oak is a wood with a tighter grain, because of its slower growth rate. It’s also harder to work and build into furniture thus is commonly less affordable than its pine counterpart. Pine, and on the other hand, is normally light with a more open grain. Pine trees grow rapidly and the wood itself might be worked very easily therefore pine furniture is a well-liked choice because it represents good value for the money. Whichever you choose is completely down to personal preference and budget. A top quality oak piece would represent a great investment too as bring real style and personality to your decor. It’s significant to ensure you choose solid wood due to the real rustic look.