Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors

They’re a single flat bit of wood, usually with little or no accessory. They may be laminated wood, or a far single piece of either medium density hardboard or plywood. They’ve a nice, clean appearance, but following a couple of years might became bland. There are various methods to spice them up using fundamental tools. This jig opens and closes on the face of the doorway to guide the router. Choose a kind of fluted cutting bit, and install it in nearly all hand router. Set the depth to cut about 3\/16 inch deep, and run the router around the inner perimeter of the door, utilizing the guide to obtain it directly and consistent.

This remodel job leads to a pattern cut to the face of the doorway. Utilize a table saw to cut the edges of the doorway off square. Add a profiled edge by choosing the profiled router bit with a far bearing at the end. This kind of remodel will cause an attractive carved or rounded edge that is attractive and shows more craft than a straight, sq edge or a beveled edge. Another simple way to liven up a slab door would be to add an overlay molding. Try using a 3\/8-by-1\/2 inch pulling mold on the front. This kind of decorative molding has a far flat bottom, but would be rounded on top.

Miter four pieces to form a far rectangle, 2 inches in the outer perimeter of the door. Once you get all of the mitered corners to suit the manner in which you as with tight corners, adhesive each piece and pin nail it to the front of the door to form an elevated molding turn to the slab door. This design is used frequently to give slab doors a far more complicated look that’s aesthetically pleasing. Among the more common slab door designs consists of nothing more than cut saws In the face of the door. This design was very popular throughout the 60s and still looks good today. To accomplish this, set a saw blade to cut only 1\/8 inch deep. Pass the doorway over the blade at regular intervals at about 1\/2 inches away through the front of the door.